Umm What’s the First Amendment..?

We may not realize it, but the First Amendment to the Constitution is extremely important to American society.  It is the reason we are able to have freedom of religion, speech, and press, and the right to peacefully assemble and petition the government.  More than likely, a plethora of Americans is ignorant of the significance of this Amendment.

Without it, we couldn’t speak out about things we believed in, or practice any religion we wanted to.  To me, freedom of speech is the most important right protected by this amendment.  Although there are restrictions on this right, including obscenity, it is still crucial to American society.  We don’t seem to realize how different our society would be without the freedom of speech–our opinions and beliefs would be severely hindered, at least in the public aspect.  We should be truly thankful to the writers of the Bill of Rights, because without it, we would lack many rights that today seem vital to our society and culture.


4 Responses to “Umm What’s the First Amendment..?”

  1. miceliale Says:

    I agree that free speech is the most important right in the First Amendment. Cool graphic. 🙂

  2. Fancy 😛 Good Job!

  3. I agree that the 1st Amendment is extremely important.

    P.S.- I love your use of the word plethora 🙂

  4. I agree–too many Americans do not know what is protected (and not protected) by the First Amendment. They could name the five Simpsons quicker and easier than they could name the five freedoms that are protected in the First Amendment.

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