Shattered Glass

This week our digital media class watched Shattered Glass, a movie based on the journalistic career of a young man named Stephen Glass.  He worked as a reporter for an esteemed magazine called the New Republic for three years, all the while completely making up facts, quotations, and even events to make his articles enjoyable and popular.

After his fraud was discovered, his coworkers were shocked that this aspiring and talented reporter could have been inventing stories for so long without anyone finding out, especially with the fact checks they had.  I think this scenario shows that articles should always be checked thoroughly to make sure they are 100% fact.  I don’t understand how he wrote so many stories without being caught.  I think that today we have more accurate methods of making sure this doesn’t happen, especially with today’s technology.

A point brought up in my class was why Stephen Glass wrote articles instead of fictional stories, which is what he was so good at.  We decided that maybe he had a mental illness, because even when he told himself he needed to stop, he continued to invent outrageous stories.  Whatever the case, I really enjoyed the movie, and it taught me that you have to be careful what you write in journalism because it can lead to serious consequences.  And of course, Hayden Christensen was a plus.


2 Responses to “Shattered Glass”

  1. mental illness is definitely a good thought. and i agree about hayden christensen 🙂

  2. The New Republic’s fact-checking system was so intense to begin with. I am amazed his stories got through.

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