Good Graphic Design

There are endless examples of good graphic design, even among all of the terrible ones.  I decided to critique some cool logos of well-known places and businesses, including some logos that have changed recently.  Here are some examples of great graphic design.

The new KFC logo is much more modern and inviting.  He even has an apron on now!  The old one had too much contrast, and I don’t like how it is angled.

I love this logo.  The shapes and colors are awesome and grab your attention.  They kind of resemble a string of islands.  I also like the sans serif, easy-to-read font.

The old BP logo was boring and (I think) ugly.  The new one is modern, fresh and bright, incorporating different colors and cool shapes.

Burger King’s old logo was too plain, I think.  Now more colors are incorporated and there is more variety in the sizes and angles of the objects.

The new AT&T logo is much more modern and represents advancing technology.  I like the 3-D sphere and that the font is lowercase, which is a little different.

There are some examples of what I consider good graphic design.  I enjoyed looking at this list of good and bad logo redesigns.  Check them out.



4 Responses to “Good Graphic Design”

  1. I love the Bahamas logo; it’s really colorful.

  2. Burger King didn’t really look that appetizing before haha, great job!

  3. It’s interesting how small design changes can make a big difference.

  4. Nice examples. I like how you did the before/after designs.

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