On to BAD Graphic Design..

There is some great graphic design out there, but I feel like there may be more bad examples of graphic design than good.  We’ve all seen those awful websites that are usually made by clueless internet users or those who try to do a little too much.  Here are some examples of bad graphic design.

First of all, this website’s name is a little weird.  That’s not the only bad part.  The background is awful–definitely not easy on the eyes.  There is a small picture featuring their different products at the top; the items are too small and you can’t even read the text that says what each item is.  Plus the picture isn’t centered for some reason.  The text on the page isn’t readable either…here’s the link if you have any desire to see it yourself.

Wow.  My eyes don’t ‘t even know where to look here.  There are so many pictures, colors, and columns, and everything is disorganized.  I hate being disorganized so this mess really bothers me!  There’s just too much going on.  Oh my…


So, this site is apparently the “Home of The Most Beautiful Pages on the WWW–Hosanna Afghan Hounds & AAA World Wide Web Design.”  Well, not only is this random, but it is also ironic.  This page was apparently designed by AAA World Wide Web Design, yet I don’t see anything special (or good) about their designing abilities.  There is too much text, a ton of random ads floating in space, and butterflies flying around in the background…need I say more?  Check it out.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed my interesting choices of bad graphic design 🙂


4 Responses to “On to BAD Graphic Design..”

  1. Haha, I can’t believe sites like these actually exist. I’m still giggling over “Mama Cheesie’s”.

  2. rodewaldn Says:

    Wow. That second one is really bad. Totally agree, I don’t know where to look. Nice work finding not only good examples, but also finding some very entertaining ones as well.

  3. Mama Cheesies?!?! Great examples.

  4. Hahaha I loved reading this post, Morgan. The examples were great; I have never seen worse-looking websites.

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