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Service Club

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Last year, the Service Club was started at FRA.  Members plan service projects at various organizations and attempt to help the community and represent FRA.  I joined this club recently, and our first project was to go to the Second Harvest Food Bank last night to pack bags for their “Backpack” Program.  The bags we packed will go to teachers at schools around Nashville to distribute to kids who don’t get enough to eat on the weekends.  Only about 12 of us could make it last night, but we still had a lot of fun.  I love serving others and I’m looking forward to more projects in the future.  Here are some pictures from last night.



Mini Assembly Line

Everyone with all the boxes we filled with bags for the kids


Chill Spot Review

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Then go to Chill Spot, a cafe located at 330 Franklin Road 908D Brentwood, TN 37027.  Serving homemade food and the popular Bubble Tea, a welcoming Kurdish family makes guests feel right at home.  Local art fills the walls, making the restaurant a fun, comfortable place to “chill” with friends or family.

Chill Spot offers a variety of food, ranging from freshly-made wraps and salads to Baklava and the unusual Bubble Tea, all at reasonable prices.  For example, a chicken salad wrap is priced at $5.99, and a chicken Caesar salad at $7.29.  I’m sure those of you who don’t know what Bubble Tea is want me to just tell you already, right?  Well, it is simply a smoothie with Tapioca  “pearls” mixed in.  At first it sounds weird that these chewy balls are in your smoothie, but believe me, the result is delicious.  There are several flavors that you can mix to create your own smoothie.  Personally, I think bubble tea involves an acquired taste.  I wasn’t a big fan at first, but the arrival of Chill Spot to Nashville has made me crave these smoothies very often.  These are the main attraction at Chill Spot and have turned several locals into regulars.  Although I have never tried the food, the menu of wraps and salads makes me want to try something the next time I go.  Check out the menu here:

Bubble Tea

Parking is plentiful for this cafe located in a small strip mall of different restaurants.  No reservations are needed, and Chill Spot even caters and provides take out.  Attire is casual, and there is indoor and outdoor seating.  The environment is welcoming and fun.  It’s a perfect place to hang out with family and friends.  At this point, without having tried the food, I would definitely give Chill Spot 5/5 stars.  I always leave wanting to come back, and it’s one of my favorite places in Nashville. Enjoy!